Computer & Networks

Our goal is to make your life easier, and with services like remote repair and secure web-based chat we are getting your questions answered and solving your computer and networking problems faster than ever before.

Top 10 reasons why you'll want to choose Edutech Plus for your computer and networking needs!

1.) We do not operate with Technical support levels. You will get our most knowledgeable representatives the first time, which will help you get your question answered more quickly and without the hassle of having to repeat yourself because of being transferred to different levels of tech support.
2.) We will never put you on hold so we can find an answer in a script.
3.) We are in the USA and do all our work here locally. We do not work with foreign technology companies to provide our customer's support. 
4.) We will diagnose and eliminate the issue quickly and completely and you will be able to see the difference. Then we will help you to understand what the issue was and then work with you on getting the right tools to prevent its return.
5.) Our warranties will be completed in a timely fashion and without hassle.
6.) You will walk away feeling and knowing you got your monies worth.
7.) We will make house calls within an hour from our office if remote repair is not an option. Any in house or in office service time starts from the time we leave our office.
8.) We offer remote repair services to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.
9.) We will always welcome you with a smile but treat your situation seriously.
10.) You will get the best customer service at no additional charge. We offer live web-based chat as well as many other convenient customer service options.